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Eclectic Events Photography and Video

Eclectic Events are perfect for your wedding or any type of special event.
We consider ourselves to be the perfect creative partner for your very special occasion. Eclectic Events was founded Jason Harry a London and Manchester based photographer who since 2006 has specialising in lifestyle and fashion genres, Eclectic Events offer you full photographic and video services for any type of event anywhere in the world.

From a lavish, sun-soaked wedding on an island beach to an intimate family blessing in a private hotel suite or their beautiful garden and surrounds. Wherever you choose, capture your event with the help of our world class creative directors.

Each wedding/ event with Electic Events is both unique and special, therefore A one-to-one consultation is essential in order to make your wedding day/ event extra special.

Whereever your Wedding/ event is taking place… we always deliver Close to Perfection

With Eclectic Events there is no so such thing as a typical wedding/ event !!!

Wedding Event Options
Let our world-class photography and video team work with you taking your breath away.

“Exquisite photography and video impeccably presented and complemented by a top class team, a more impressive experience for you would be hard to imagine.”

Once you have decided on Eclectic Events as your dream creative partner for your wedding/ event, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date.

Please note that with larger events we advise where budget allows to work with a larger team to ensure we capture as much as possible.

All wedding guests will receive a discount on any future events we cover.

No two weddings are the same, because of that it is difficult and we think often confusing to clients so we ask you to make contact and we can discuss how you wish us to cover your special day.

We charge a reasonable fee for the time invested and expenses to cover your wedding.

Services include, Photography and video, post production of the capture, final layout and design.

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